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Maplewood Thorp (Non-canon)

Maplewood Thorp, Western Heartlands,

While writing Maplewood, I have used several different books as source, including the Swedish fantasy RPG Eon, the Penumbra accessory Seven Cities, and the D&D core rule book DMG 3.0. Deviations from the DMG and Seven Cities consists on character levels. Please note that Maplewood Thorp is far from ready.


<A first glance description of the thorp.>

There is no general store in the thorp, nor any chapel, shrine or temple. No tower, keep, or castle is visible either. No inn or tavern. No blacksmith.

About Maplewood Throp

Maplewood is a small farming community in the vicinity of Scornubel, located six miles north of the large city, and about twelve miles from The Reaching Woods. The thorp's citizens recognises Scornubel's authority and are considered residents of the city-state. In the thorp lives 35 persons that farm the surrounding land and hunt in the nearby woods. All buildings are clustered together and the thorp is surrounded by farmland.

Maplewood (Thorp): Conventional; NG; 40 gp limit; Assets 70 gp population 35 (adults); 30 humans (25 Tethyrians, 4 Calishites, and 1 Illuskan), 2 moon elves, 1 lightfoot halfling, 1 Tethyrian half-orc, and 1 rock gnome.
Authority Figure: Pheser "the Spokesman" (NG male Tethyrian human Com5, 26 years), the thorp's elected spokeman.


<A short summary of the thorps grand history.>

Power Center

This small settlement has no elected, or appointed mayor. Instead, all adults of the community gather in the thorp hall to discuss any important issue. However, the villagers have a spokesman that leads the thorp's assembly. The spokesman, together with two other villagers, travells to Scornubel whenever the need to request an audience to the  ruling council of Scornubel arises.

Maplewood Thorp is not visited by a circuit judge. If the need arrives, the villagers will travell to Scornubel to get help with juridical matters. The last time it happened, was when Baeron "longfingers" from a neighbouring thorp stole a cow.

Defending the Thorp

The thorp has no public guards or militia members. If the community is directly threatened, all able-bodied villagers will defend the thorp. If they have time to organize themself, the villagers will gather in the thorp hall and make their stand. If the threat is too great, they will flee to Scornubel. 


Andar's Cottage

Andar (NG male Tethyrian human Com2) and his wife Helva (NG female Tethyrian human Adp12, 26 years) live a simple life in a cottage. They have 4 acres of farmland that they work.

Cayisdra's House

Cayisdra lives here (CG female rock gnome Exp10) alone.

Dhumar's Farm

The Dhumar are one of the families that live in the thorp. The head of the family is Balyr (AL male Tethyrian human Com2, 53 years). He is maried with Thala (AL female Tethyrian human War1, 48 years). Together, they have the daughters Luare (AL female Tethyrian human Com2, 28 years) and Helva and the sons Durvyn (NG male Tethyrian human Mnk8, 24 years), Berelan (NG male Tethyrian male Rgr2, 23 years), and Dhyll (AL male Tethyrian human Com2, 19 years).

The Dhumar's own a large farm with 28 acres of land. In the farm lives Balyr, Thala, and the eldest son, Durvyn. In addition, eight farm-hands live in the farm.



Greymoon House

Here lives two moon elves XXX (NG female moon elf Com1, XX years) and XXX (NG female moon elf Exp2, XX years). Around the farm, there is 6 acres of farmland.

Halinar Maplewood's House

Here lives Halinar Maplewood (N male lightfoot halfling Com10, 74 years), descendant of the founder of the thorp .

Malcer's Farm

Luare Dhumar is married with Malcer from Scornubel (CN male Illuskan human Com1) and lives together with her husband in a farm that has 14 acres of land. In addition, 6 farm-hands live in the farm.

Mautho's Farm

Mautho (CG male Tethyrian human Ftr3, 49 years) and Nalia (NG female Tethyrian human Wiz1, 37 years) lives in a farm that has 10 acres of farmland. When Nalia was 16 years old, she was raped by a half-orc, and later on, she gave birth to her son, Derin the half-orc (CG male Tethyrian half-orc Com1, 21 years). It was at that time she met Mautho, her protector, and since then, they have lived together. Mautho and Nalia came with Derin to Maplewood for 17 years ago.

Thelian (NG male Tethyrian human Exp3, 35 years) is Mautho's farm-hand, and he helps him with growing crops and hunting in the nearby woods. Thelian has two mastiffs and he lives with his canines in a small cottage.

The Spokesman's House

Pheser the Spokeman (NG male Tethyrian human Com5, 26 years) and his wife, Dharsandra (NG female Tethyrian human Com2, 20 years) lives in this simple house. Pheser is an ambitious farmer and he has worked hard to improve his farm.

The Reshar's Cottage (4)

In a small cottage, with only 2 acres of farmland, lives the Reshar family. Head of the family is Sudeiman Reshar (LN male Calishite human Com5, 67 years). He lives here together with his son Khesheir Reshar (LN male Calishite human Com2, 50 years) and Khesheir's wife, Jasda (LN female Calishite human Ftr9, 41 years). Khesheir and Jasda has one adault daughter, Meimal Reshar (LN female Calishite human Com5, 16 years), and a son, Bamash (14 years).

Thorp Hall

The thorp hall is a simple, one- story high barn (40 ft. x 20 ft.). The villagers use the thorp hall to hold assemblies, fests, and to host large parties that come by. They are very proud of their common aeembly hall.

Folk of Maplewood Thorp

Helva "the Wise Woman"


Helva "the Wise Woman", who is known as "mother Helva" by all villagers, was born in Maplewood in the Year of the Saddle (1345 DR). When she was six years old, she was fetched by mother Jhandess and taken away from the thorp. In the Year of the Banner (1368 DR), at the age of 23 years, Helva returned to the thorp and has lived there since. She is the midwife, and also the local healer, of the thorp and the neighborings thorps and hamlets. Helva has a special relation to all children and each newborn children is blessed by her. 

Although she is an adept of Lathander, for some unknown reason, Helva has never told the villagers that. They do not know which power of Faerūn she serves, and they have nevered dared to ask.  Still, Helva is a highly respected member of the community and few decisions are taken without asking for her opinion. She never requires payment for her services, but she does accept gifts. And, although the potions that she keeps at her home are never for sell, she does give them away if necessary.
She has several times been invited by Josura Hlammel (NG female Tethyrian human Priest 14 of Lathander) to the Healing House of Lathander, the local temple in Scornubel, but she has never payed a visit.

Helva has fair skin, black long hair, and brown eyes. She wears usually a simple dress.

Statistics Block

D&D 3.0 statistics block. Common is an automatic language, however, when applying the house rules, substitute Illuskan by Common.

HelvaCR 11; Medium-size Humanoid; HD 12d6; hp 42; Init +0; Spd 30 ft.; AC 10; Atk +5/+0 melee (1d4-1, dagger), +5/+0 melee (1d6-1, sickle), or +6/+1 ranged (1d4-1, 10 ft., dagger); AL NG; SV Fort +4, Ref +4, Will +12, Str 9, Dex 10, Con 11, Int 14, Wis 14, Cha 14. Height 5'1" ft. (155 cm), weight 133 lb (60 kg).
Skills ((119 skill points)): Alchemy +12 ((+2 Int, 10 ranks)), Craft (basketweaving) +12 ((+2 Int, 10 ranks)), Craft (pottery) +12 ((+2 Int, 10 ranks)), Craft (weaving) +12 ((+2 Int, 10 ranks)), Handle Animal +12 ((+2 Cha, 10 ranks)), Heal +14 ((+2 Wis, +2 Skill Focus, 10 ranks)), Knowledge (geography Western Heartlands) +11 ((+2 Int, 9 ranks)), Knowledge (hearth wisdom Western Heartlands) +14, ((+2 Int, +2 Skill Focus, 10 ranks)), Knowledge (nature Western Heartlands) +12, ((+2 Int, 10 ranks)), Knowledge (religion) +12 ((+2 Int, 10 ranks)), Profession (herbalist) +12 ((+2 Wis, 10 ranks)), Wilderness Lore +12 ((+2 Wis, 10 ranks)).
Feats: Create Infusion (Masters of The Wild, page 22), Brew Potion, Iron Will, Skill Focus (Heal), Skill Focus (hearth wisdom), Track.
Languages: Chondathan (Calant dialect, native language, automatic), Elven, Illuskan.
Possesions: Dagger, sickle, peasant's outfit.
Spells per Day (3/4/4/2): 0-level -- cure minor wounds, guidance, purify food and drink; 1st-level -- bless, cure light wounds, detect evil, protection from evil; 2nd-level -- aid, cure moderate wounds, delay poison, invisibility; 3rd-level -- cure serious wounds, remove disease.

Mautho "the Hunter"

Mautho grew up in Maplewood Thorp. His mother and father were farmers. When he was young, he left Maplewood for Scornubel, and later on, he walked Faerūn for many years. Many years later he met Nalia, and when her son, Derin the half-orc, was four years old, he took them to Maplewood. His parents were dead, and he settled down in the family farm.
Mautho is a calm and quiet person, who worries about Derin's future. Sometimes he is absent minded, thinking about the past, and all the bloody killing he has seen and done. He hunts in the nearby woods.

D&D 3.5 statistics block. Common is an automatic language, however, when applying the house rules, remove Common.

Mautho "the Hunter", Male Tethyrian Human Fighter 3: CR 3; Medium-size Humanoid; HD 3d10+3; hp 19; Init +1 (Dex); Spd 30 ft.; AC 13 (+1 Dex, +2 armor); Atk +4 melee (1d8, longsword) or +4 ranged (1d6, short bow); AL CG; SV Fort +4, Ref +2, Will +3, Str 10, Dex 13, Con 12, Int 11, Wis 15, Cha 8. Height 5'9" ft, weight 186 lb.
Skills ((16 skill points)): Climb +1 ((+0 Str, 1 rank)), Craft (carpentry) +1 ((+0 Int, 1 rank)), Handle Animal +0 ((-1 Cha, 1 rank)), Jump +1 ((+0 Str, 1 rank)), Profession (farmer) +4 ((+2 Wis, 2 ranks)), Ride +8 ((+1 Dex, 4 ranks, +3 Saddleback)), Spot +3 ((+2 Wis, 1 rank)), Survival +3 ((+2 Wis, 1 rank)).
Feats: Mounted Combat, Point Blank Shot, Saddleback, Track, bonus, Weapon Focus (longsword).
Languages: Common (automatic), Chondathan (Calant dialect, native language, automatic).
Possesions: Leather armor, longsword, short bow, quiver with 20 arrows.

Pheser "the Spokesman"

Pheser "the Spokesman" is a farmer, born in the Year of the Saddle (1345 DR) in Maplewood. Hunts in the woods. Travells to Scornubel.  Intelligent. Balansed. Patron deity is Chauntea. Schooled. Helps always other villagers. Pheser wants to build a shrine to Chauntea and adjacent to the shrine a cottage to a priest of Chauntea. He has been argumenting for his plan, and has succeded in convinsing several of the villagers. He wants then to fetch a Chauntea priest to the community, but does not know from were.

D&D 3.0 statistics block. Common is an automatic language, however, when applying the house rules, substitute Elven by Common.

Pheser "the Spokeman", Male Tethyrian Human Commoner 5: CR 4; Medium-Size Humanoid; HD 5d4-5; hp 7; Init -1; Spd 30 ft.; AC 9; Atk +3 melee (1d4-1, dagger) or +1 ranged (1d8, light crossbow); AL NG; SV Fort +2, Ref +0, Will +1; Str 12, Dex 9, Con 9, Int 15, Wis 10, Cha 15. Height 5'9" ft., Weight 175 lb.
Skills ((40 skill points)): Craft (carpentry) +4 ((+2 Int, 2 ranks)), Diplomacy +4 ((+2 Cha, 2 ranks, 4 skill points)), Handle Animal +4 ((+2 Cha, 2 ranks)), Hide +1 ((-1 Dex, 2 ranks, 4 skill points)), Knowledge (geography Western Heartlands) ((+2 Int, 1 rank, 2 skill points)), Knowledge (local Western Heartlands) +4 ((+2 Int, 2 ranks, 4 skill points)), Knowledge (nature) +3 (+2 Int, +1 rank, 2 skill points)), Listen +2 ((+0 Wis, 2 ranks, 4 skill points)), Move Silently +1 ((-1 Dex, 2 ranks, 4 skill points)), Profession (farmer) +8 ((+0 Wis, 8 ranks)), Wilderness Lore +3 ((+0 Wis, +1 Survivor, 2 ranks, 4 skill points)). 
Feats: Point Blank Shot, Survivor (FRCS), Track.
Class Features: Simple Weapon Focus Proficiency (light crossbow).
Languages: Chondathan (Calant dialect, native language, automatic), Elven, Illuskan.
Possessions: Dagger, light crossbow, wooden case with 10 bolts, traveller's outfit.

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