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The Dalelands (Dalarna)

About Silver Dales and Dalelands Pennies

What follows is noncanon.

In the town of Highmoon is minted, for the Dales, a common coin called the silver dales (dsd)1. The minting of this coin begun in the days of Aencar the Mantled King. The coin has the same value as a Cormyrian silver falcon, and is also called silver stones, because of the picture of the standing stone that is minted in one side of the coin.

In addition to the silver dales, the use of Dalelands copper pennies (dcp), is common. One hundred pennies are equal to one silver dale. There are several different types of pennies, with the most common (65%) coin having the value of 10 pennies (dcp10), the more uncommon coins (20%) have the value of 20 pennies (dcp20), and there exists also coins that are worth 5 pennies (4%) (dcp5) and 1 penny  (11%) (dcp1).

Now, you might wounder what you can buy for one or two pennies in the Dalelands. If you vist Mistledale, there is a village in eastern Mistledale that is named Ildulguard. And there, there is an inn named The Devils Landing Inn. For four pennies, you get a mug of waterish ale, and for one penny you can get a half loaf of hard bread. Isn't life good?

The Laws of the Dales

What follows is noncanon.

Each Dale has its own laws and they are written down in the so called Books of Laws.

1 Översättning till engelskan är väl halvdan. Jag har utgått från silverdaler.

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