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About Mistledale

Mistledale, 21st of Marpenoth of the Year of the Unstrung Harp -- 21st of October 1371 DR.

Ruler: High councilor Haresk Malorn.
Goverment: Republic.
Area: 2,000 square miles.1
Population: 27,807 inhabitants. Humans 87% (85% Dalemens (Chondathans), 10% Vaasans, 4% Tethyrians, 1% other), dwarves 5%, gnomes 3%, half-lings 2%, half-elves 2%, other 1%.
Inhabitants/square miles: 13,9 (very highly populated area).2
Language: Daletongue (Swedish dalatunga) a Chondathan dialect that is related with, for example, Cormyrian. Thorass is used for writing.
Capital: The small town of Ashabenford, 1,869 inhabitants.
Religion: Chauntea, Moradin, Silvanus, and Tyr.
Assets/Resources: Ale (mörk öl), beets (rödbeta), cheese (ost), grain (spannmål), hay (hö), meat (kött), potatoes (potatis), vegetables (grönsaker).
Currency: Does not have an own currency. Instead, Dalelands silver dales (dsd) from Highmoon are primary used. But, in addition to silver dales, the use of Cormyrian silver falcons (csf), Zhentish silver shields (zss), Hillsfarian silver coins (hsc), and Sembian coins is very common. Common folk uses also Dalelands copper pennies (dcp).

1 A Local Area, see World Builder's Guide by Richard Baker. With the guidelines from the FRCS, see page 298 - 299, Mistledale consists of four "cantoon regions".

2 As defined by World Builder's Guide.

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