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Around 2003, one of the PCs in my campaign travelled from Shadowdale south to Mistledale, and then continued to Battledale. Not knowing how eastern Mistledale looked like, I decided to elaborate the dale.

My goal, was to have a better understanding of Mistledale's army and Mistledale's eastern settlements. One of the most important questions that I had, was, where did the folk of Mistledale live. Mistledale, with a population of 27,807 inhabitants has a small town with 1,869 inhabitants. But, where are the rest? And, in what kind of settlements (or communities) do they live? That is, do Mistrans live in farmsteads, thorps, hamlets, villages, and so on. So, I decided how many communities there would exist in Mistledale, how many of them would be found in eastern Mistledale, and then I made detailed maps of eastern Mistledale.

The result of my work was a 3 pages short document about Mistledale, written in Swedish. The maps, they are in paper. So, I would need to scan them. Nevertheless, I am updating my homepage with the information that I wrote, and, will add the maps. Please note that I am working on translating the material to English. 

In addition, check out the Elaborating Mistledale post in the Running the Realms Forum at www.candlekeep.com.

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