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Surrounded by farmland is a simple thorp consisting of two dozens of clustered buildings. All the buildings are wooden structures and only two of them are two stories high. There is no visible shrine or temple, nor any castle or tower. A stream runs east of the thorp and groups of copses are scattered across the landscape. South of the thorp, lays a manor house and a dozen cottages with farmland that stretches to the south. Northwest of the thorp, upon a hill, is a walled compound consisting of a walled manor house, a house, and some twenty cottages. The walled compound has four wooden towers. Farmland stretches to the north, east and west.


Urgarham is a settled country (bygd) inhabited by Daggerdalian farmers.  There are no inns, taverns, or shops to be found, neither shrines nor temples, in the center of the community, Urgarham Thorp. The closest community is Greenedge in Shadowdale. Urgarham is located 3 - 6 miles from the northern Shadowdale Woods.



Power Center

Urharham's predominant inhabitants are Taelas Glothfall, Durnan "Greatfarmer", and Rulathon Sword. They own the greatest amount of farmland, have most servants, and employ most farm-hands. They travell to Dalemansthing and also to assemblies held in Durnmarch's thing.

Defending Urgarham

Whenever danger threatens the inhabitants of Urgarham, they retreat to Glothfall's Hold.


Durnan's Manor

Durnan's Manor is located c 900 feet south of Urgarham Thorp and its farmland (c 40 acres) is located to the south. The owner of the manor is Durnan "Greatfarmer". There are twelve cottages close to the manor house and part of the famland is leased out to several families of tenant farmers. Durnan's Manor has a total of 24 inhabitants.

Glothfall's Hold

Glothfall's Hold is a walled compound that consists of a manor house, a small farm, and 11 cottages. The hold is located upon a hill c 1,200 feet northwest of Urgarham Thorp and its farmland (c 60 acres) stretches to the north. In Glothfall's Hold lives c 35 adults. 

Glothfall's Manor House

Glothfall's manor house consists of a two story high 60 ft. x 40 ft. dwellinghouse, a one story 40 ft. x 20 ft. house for the servants, two 40 ft. x 20 ft. barns, a 60 ft. x 30 ft. cow-house, and a 40 ft. x 10 ft. stable.

In the dwellinghouse lives Taelas Glothfall together with his wife Araudria and their son Lortheryl. The Glothfalls have a small library (a 20 ft. x 10 ft. small room), with books (one slot) worth c 3,000 gp. The books cover general topics and provides a +1 circumstance bonus to all Knowledge checks. Most books are written in Elven (65%), several are written in Chondathan (20%), some are written in Common (11%), and a few in Draconic (4%).

In the servant's house lives eight servants. Six of them are highly skilled moon elves (Anenean, Arnais, Dralain, Fael, xxx, xxx) and two are humans.

Taedar's Farm

Taedar's farm is located beside the Glothfall manor house. The small farm consists of a one story 40 ft. x 20 ft. big dwellinghouse, a 20 ft x 10 ft small stable, and an L-shaped building consisting of a 20 ft. x 40 ft. barn and a 40 ft. x 20 ft. cow-house. 

In the farm lives Taedar together with his wife and two children and two servants. Taedar and his family leases 8 acres of farmland from the Glothfalls and owns 4 cows, 2 pigs, 1 horse, and 5 hens.  

The Cottages

Around the Glothfall's manor house are 4 big cottages (30 ft. x 20 ft.) and 7 small cottages (20 ft. x 20 ft.). The cottages and part of the hold's farmland, is leased out by the Glothfalls to tenant farmers.

Urgarham Thorp

Urgarham Thorp is a thorp were nine families live. The thorp consists of 26 buildings and include houses, stables, barns, and so on. East of the thorp runs a stream. The thorp is surrounded by farmland. A trail leads east (5 miles) to the thorp of Greenedge near the hamlet of Freeham, west of the village of Dalemanfarm Village (Dalmantuna) in northwest Shadowdale. Another trail leads west to Anathar's Dell (8 miles).

1. Rulathon's farm. A big farm.

2. Flarar's cottage. Flarar's cottage is a 30 ft. x 20 ft. big cottage that is located in the eastern part of the thorp, close to the "bridge" over the stream. The cottage is in need of repair. In the cottage lives Flarar. He owns four acres of farmland southeast of the thorp and a horse, three cows, two pigs, and some hens.

3. Slink's cottage. A 20 ft. x 20 ft. small cottage.

4. Aerthon's farm. A medium farm.

5. Taren's cottage. A 30 ft. x 20 ft. big cottage.

6. Halfr's farm. A small farm.

7. Maerl's farm. A medium farm.

8. Fael's cottage. A 20 ft. x 20 ft. small cottage.

9. Atan's farm. A large farm.



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