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The Society

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The People

In Daggerdale lives many human groups but other races are also represented in the Dale. The biggest human ethnic group are the Vaasans (53%), followed by the Chondathans (31%). The dwarves (5%) makes the biggest non-human group in Daggerdale. There are almost as many Tethyrians (3%) as half-orcs (3%) in the Dale, and gnomes (2%) and halflings (1%) can be also found in the region. The rest consists of other human groups (1%) and other non-human groups (1%).

Table -- Races




01 - 53 Vaasan Most of the Vaasans live in northern Daggerdale.
54 - 84 Chondathan Most are Dalesfolk.
85 - 89 Dwarf Shield dwarves.
90 - 92 Tethyrian Settlers from the Western Heartlands.
93 - 95 Half-orc
96 - 97 Gnome Rock gnomes.
98 Halfling Most halflings live in southern Daggerdale, in an area known as Hinland/Hinmarches.
99 Other human Damarans, Bedines, Illuskans, and so on.
100 Other non-human Wemics, half-elves, elfs, and so on.

The Dwarves

There are c 1,400 dwarves in Daggerdale. And most, if not all, are shield dwarves. The most predominant clan is the Brightblade Clan. For more details about the dwarves of Daggerdale, see the Dwarves of Daggerdale page:

The Gnomes

There are c 600 rock gnomes in Daggerdale. They live scattered in the Dale, but, there are rumors of a gnomish village, or hamlet, in the Spiderhaunt Wood. Now, Spiderhaunt Wood cannot be part of Daggerdale, and thus, the population of that village (or hamlet) could not be counted in the c 600 gnomes of Daggerdale. Now, most gnomes lives in thorps or hamlets in the hills.

The Half-Orcs

There are c 800 half-orcs in Daggerdale. Those that are lucky, are member of wealthy Daggerdalian families, while the unlucky, they live and die as bandits. Half-orcs are more tolerated to the north, where there are more of them, than to the south. However, no matter of social status, most half-orcs are distrusted by common folk.

The Halflings

This might be a matter of discussion. In A Grand Tour of the Realms, there are three major subraces of halfling: hairfeet (uncommon), tallfellow (rare), and stout (rare). But with the Forgotten Realms Campaign Seeting of 2000, there are ghostwise (primary from Chondalwood), lightfoot (any human region), and strongheart halflings (primary from Luiren). Now, the halflings of Daggerdale are ... 

Table -- Average Height and Weight

Race Base Height Height Modifier Base Weight Weight Modifier

Hairfeet and stout halfling, male   


+2d8 inches 

52/48 +5d4 lb.

Hairfeet and stout halfling, female   


+2d8 inches

52/48 +5d4 lb.
Tallfellow, male
Tallfellow, female

The Humans

The Chondathans

There are c 8,700 Chondathans in Daggerdale. Most Chondathans in Daggerdale are Dalesfolk. But there are some Cormyrians and Sembians in the Dale too. However, very few come from remote lands such as Chondath and the Great Dale.

Very few of the Daggerdale Chondathans are refugees from Teshendale. Although most refugees from Teshendale that came to Daggerdale are dead, their descendants live in the Dale.

The Tethyrians

There are c 800 Tethyrians in Daggerdale. Most are refugees or settlers from the Western Heartlands, while other comes from Cormyr. Some few come from Amn, Tethyr, or Waterdeep. Many Tethyrians live isolated in thorps. Some few live together with other groups.

The Vaasans

There are c 14,900 Vaasans in Daggerdale. The Vaasans are descendants from Chondathans and Netherese from Teshar and Anauria, Asram, and Hlondath . Among the Daggerdale Vaasans, persons schooled in the art are more common than others. Although they make the biggest group in the Dale, they are not the ones in power.

Few of the Daggerdale Vaasans are refugees from Teshendale. Althugh most refugees from Teshendale that came to Daggerdale are dead, their descendants live in the Dale.

Other Human Folks

There are c 280 human other than Chondathans, Tethyrias, and Vaasans. These are Damarans, Bedines, Illuskans, and so on.

Other Races

In Daggerdale lives c 280 non-humans other than dwarves, gnomes, half-orcs, and halflings. The biggest groups are the elves (c 128), the wemics (c 110), and the half-elves (c 31).

The Elves and the Half-Elves

The elves and half-elves that live in the Dale are primary descendants from Cormanthor. Most elves are moon elves, and a very few are wood elves. 

In southern Daggerdale there about 10 half-elves and 12 moon elves and 8 wood elves.

The Wemics

In southeast Daggerdale lives a tribe of 110 wemics of 110.

Other Races

There are some few planetouched in Daggerdale.

Ruling the Dale

A comment form Ed Greenwood:

The land (and then, for example, the farmland) in Daggerdale is not owned by the lord of Daggerdale. Instead, the families own themself that farmland they occupy and work.

Lands and Title

According to the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting, page 127, Randal Morn would pay 5,000 gp and give land and title to anyone who could make the Constable's Torwer livable.

Titles of Daggerdale

March Lord (Markherre)

Randal Morn has divided the Dale into five districts of administration, here called counties (härader). There are three counties in the north, one in middle Daggerdale, and one in the south.  Randal Morn has appointed four March Lords (markherrar) to administrate four of the Dale's five counties:

  • Ariton, March Lord of Teshland County
  • Arlen from Fairhill ( Fagerkulle), March Lord of Dhurland County
  • Mestin, March Lord of Greatland County
  • Vaegn "Champion", March Lord of Southland County

Dell Lord (Däldherre, storman)


Free Lord (Friherre, storbonde)



In the Dale, there is an unwritten law that states that it is up to each person to venerate the god or gods of his choosing. However, it is not permitted to build a temple to a god without the permission from the lord himself or the local thing. 

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