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The Dwarven Hold of Stone Gates

Many hundred years ago, dwarves from the Vanguard clan of Tethyamar, opened a new mine in the Desertsmouth Mountains.

The History of the Dwarven Hold of Stone Gates

With the fall of the Twisted Tower of Ashaba in the Year of the Firedrake (713 DR) and Myth Drannor in the Year of the Doom (714 DR), the king of Tethyamar ordered the construction of an outpost in southern Daggerdale. The clan chieftan of the declining Tethyamaran clan Vanguard, Arn "the Orcslayer" Vanguard, son of Buin, blood of Immar, of Vanguard Hall of Tethyamar, was assigned the task and he sent an expedition of c. 20 dwarves to explore the south eastern parts of the Desertsmouth Mountains. 

The expedition was led by Obryn "the Builder" Vanguard, son of Dhur, blood of Tellin, of Vanguard Hall of Tethyamar. Although not a member of the clan's ruling family, the Vanguard House, Obryn was a highly respected dwarf and head of the Tellin family. In the Year of the Dawn Rose (720 DR), Obryn and his dwarves found a suitable place for a new hold west of today's Anathars Dell, and started to build a new home for the clan. 

The dwarven hold of Tor-Runedar (Hill Home, see section Dwarvish Words in Dwarves Deep, page 12), later called Stone Gate by the Daggerdalesmen, was finalized in the Year of the Dying Dwarf (750 DR) and had a population of c. 300 dwarves. In the Year of the Spouting Fish (922 DR), the mines of the hold were flooded and water elementals invaded the hold. The dwarves could not fight back the water elementals and had finally to abandoned the hold. The dwarves sealed the gates and returned in secret to Tethyamar.

Knowledge about the Dwarven Hold of Stone Gates

Only sages and old tomes can give you knowledge about Tor-Runedar.

My name is Dorn, and you should know that Thulin, who was killed in Dagger Falls by a zhentish wizard, was the one among us who best knew the sagas of the past. Buin, also he skilled in tales and songs from the past is no longer among us. He was killed by orcs in Cormyr. Neither is Dhur the Sage with the living. The Time of Troubles took him. And Drain the Storyteller fell in Teshendale together with Ghael the Wise. And Baur the Scribe was killed in Dalemansthing. As you can understand, we have lost much knowledge about the past. Still, maybe Adlon has something to tell you.

Knowledge (History Dalelands)

DC Information Facts Discovered
5 Very basic information -
10 Basic information -
15 Uncommon but basic information Stone Gate was a dwarven hold that was inhabited between 800 DR and 900 DR and was located somewhere in southern Daggerdale. The dwarves of Stone Gate helped the Daggerdalesfolk of southern Daggerdale in their war with the drows from the Land Under Shadow.
20 Uncommon, obscure knowledge The dwarves who built Stone Gate were members of the Tethyamaran clan Vanguard. They named their hold Tor-Runedar, which meens Hill Home. The hold, which consisted of a mines and living spaces deep below the surface and a tower (later called Watch Gate) upon a hill, came to be called Stone Gate by the Daggerdalesmen.
25 Rare information The dwarves started the construction of their hold and tower 720 DR. The hold with its tower was finalized 750 DR. The hold's chieftan was Obryn "the Builder" Vanguard, son of Dhur, blood of Tellin, of Vanguard Hall of Tethyamar. The hold was abandoned or sealed c 900 DR.
30 Extremely obscure information The hold was attacked by water elementals and flooded. The dwarves abandoned in secret the hold 922 DR and returned to Tethyamar.

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