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Dalemansthing (Dalmansting)

Dalemansthing is a hill that is located c 3.5 miles north of Anathar's Dell and c 3.5 miles south of Haestar's Dale in southern Daggerdale. Daggerdalesmen from Freemarch Dell meet once a tenday to discuss matters of local importance.

The Ruins Northeast of Anathar's Dell


The Southern Border Tower

Daggerdale, the 21st of Marpenoth of the Year of the Unstrung Harp -- 21st of October 1371 DR.

This place might change location, or name. All depending on my decision to follow the work of the Daggerdale Project and the work of the Northern Realms Project Group.

West of Anathar's Dell, there is a tower without entrance. The current knowledge, of the common folk of the Dale, about this site is better described by the following entry, in the journal of Glaenal from Anathar's Dell.

When I was a young boy, I asked my father about the tower. He said, that he did not know much about it, that the tower had always been there, and that nobody claimed it. He also said that the tower was too close to goblin and orc lands, and that we should never travell to it. That was all.

In the Year of the Tankard (1370 DR), when I was sixten years old, my friends and I, decided to take a look at the tower. The tower is located six miles west-north-west of Anathar's Dell. It took us two, three hours to reach the tower. It did not look like a tower to me, it was more like one of those temples built by Cormyrian priests of Helm. The tower was not so high either, only 70 feets. I remember that I had always tought that it was several hundred feets high. But, it was not the tower that took my attention, but the gate in the bluff. One hundred feet from the tower, there was stone gate in the mountain. And a stair lead up to gate. When we were going to explore the gate, a voice called us.

"You should not be here", the voice said. We turned around, and saw a man standing close to a tree and some bushes. He was not tall, but not short either. He was armed with a short bow, and I remember that I tought that he was gooing to kill us. "Orcs have been here, less than a day ago.", he continued. The stranger had also a longsword and his traveling outfit was green and gray. "Besides, a strange creature has taken the tower as residence.", he added. The stranger had black long hair and beard, as the northen folks. But, he did not sound like a foreigner. "You better go home, we will walk you home.", he said and started to go. We were startled, I remember, and, then there were sudently four of them. And yes, we did as they said. They took us home. That was my last trip to the tower.

Now, a human does not live so long, and maybe dwarves and elfes have something else to tell, but then, you should better ask yourself.

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