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The History of Daggerdale

-251 DR to -75 DR

The Lords of Dordrien

From City of the Spider Queen. See also the Dordrien section in page 120 in Lost Empires of Faerūn.

The hold of Dordrien was founded in the shadow of the Desertsmouth Mountains by a Jhaamdathan noble who led his people north from the coasts of what is now Sembia in year -251 DR. He and his folk were survivors of the calamitous destruction of Jhaamdath in -255 DR Year of Furious Waves. 

On the western slopes of the Dagger Hills, the Dordrien lords raised a sizeable keep, which guarded a large and prosperous town nearby. The realm flourished for a century or so and then failed, weakened by orc raids from the mountains and the decline of its ruling family. Most of its folk drifted back to the more populous lands near the Sea of Fallen Stars, and the town was abandoned by -75 DR Year of Leather Shields. 

Very little is left to indicate that any human settlement existed in the region prior to the rise of the Dalesfolk, hundreds of years later. The weathered foundations of Dordrien Keep lie on a barren hilltop 2 miles south of the crypts. The remnants of fieldstone walls and the skeletal shells of old farmhouses dot the nearby valley. The ruins of the town lie near the foot of the hill on which the keep stands. These remnants consist of little more than a handful of crumbling walls overgrown with briars and brush. Adventurers have explored the remains of both the keep and the town many times and found little of note. 

-75 DR to 479 DR


The realm of Teshar was founded in the cleared lands between Cormanthyr and Rystall Wood (the Border Forest, Gränsskogen) in the Year of Leather Shields (-75 DR) and fell in the Year of the Forestsfrosts (479 DR). See Lost Empires of Faerūn, page 126 and 128. See also the Teshar post at Candlekeep.

700 DR

The Founding of Daggerdale

Daggerdale was founded 796 DR.

800 DR


900 DR

The Founding of Shadowdale

Shadowdale was founded 906 DR.

1000 DR


1100 DR

The Fall of Tethaymar

The dwarven kingdom of Tethyamar fell in the Year of the Dark Dawn (1104 DR).

1200 DR

The Rule of the Mage-Lord Colderon Morn

Colderan Morn rules in Daggerdale. He drives the dwarves of clan Brightblade from the Dale 1266 DR. The dwarves moved south and settled in today's Anathar's Dell.

1300 DR

The Fall of Teshendale

In the Year of the Gulagoar  (1316 DR), Teshendale was defeated and became part of the Zhent lands. A flood of refugees from Teshendale fled to safety in Daggerdale. Among the refugees were also a large number of Zhentarim agents. The refugees from Teshendale, most of them Vaasan and few Chondathans, settled down in existing communities and founded new ones.

The Rule of Zhentil Keep

Via Malyk of Daggerdale, a relative from a far distant branch of the ruling family (see Ruins of Zhentil Keep, Campaign Books, page 18) and a Zhentarim agent, Zhentil Keep took power over Daggerdale in the Year of the Highmantle (1336 DR). 

Randal Morn killed lord Malyk of Daggerdale in the Year of the Arch (1353 DR).

The Times of Troubles

The gods walked on Toril in the Year of Shadows (1358 DR). The temple Lathander's Light, once the largest temple of Dagger Falls, was burned down by Eragyn the Dark. For more details, see Doom of Daggerdale.

The Events of Doom of Daggerdale

The Mage-Lord Colderan Morn had been raised from the dead and Dagger Falls suffered of the effects of the Dream Fever in 1366 DR. For more details, see Doom of Daggerdale.

The Rule of Randal Morn

In the Year of the Gauntlet (1369 DR), Randal Morn reclaimed the throne of Daggerdale.

Daggerdale Timeline

DR Year Event
796 The Year of Gray Mists Daggerdale is founded.
906 The Year of the Plough Shadowdale is founded.
1072 Delgar Vanguard is borned.
1104 The Year of the Dark Dawn Fall of Tethaymar.
1161 Nor Vanguard, son of Delgar Vanguard is borned.
1266 Colderan Morn drives the dwarves out of Daggerdale.
1267 The Year of the Groaning Cart -
1316 The Year of the Gulagoar Teshendale fall.
1336 The Year of the Highmantle The Zhentarim conquer Daggerdale.
1353 The Year of the Arch Randal Morn kills Malyk of Daggerdale.
1358 The Year of Shadows The Time of Troubles. Lathander's temple in Daggerdale burned down.
1366 The FR AD&D adventure Doom of Daggerdale takes place.
1368  The novel Finder's Bane take place.
1369 The Year of the Gauntlet Randal Morn reclaims the throne of Daggerdale.

The Rulers of Daggerdale

Year    Ruler
xxxx -- xxxx Colderan Morn
xxxx -- xxxx Flars Morn
1336 -- 1353 Lord Malyk of Daggerdale
1353 -- c 1366 Constable Tren Noemfor
c 1366 -- 1369 Constable Guthbert Golthammer; could be 1367 DR instead.
1369 --  Lord Randal Morn

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