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Daggerland County

Daggerland county is located in northern Daggerdale, between Greatland and Teshland.

South of Dagger Falls, c 10 miles, are several farms and freeholds located.

Dhurland County

Greatland county is located south of Greatland, Daggerland, and Teshland and north of Southland.

Greatland County

Greatland county is located west of Daggerfalls.

Southland County

Southland is the name of the southern county and it stretches from the Serpentsbridge c 20 miles to the north and c 30 miles to the south. Southland county has a population of c 4,000 adults. Southland, with a total of 2,900 inhabitants (adults) north of Serpentsbridge, consists of Barmarch Dell (Barmark), Durnmarch Dell (Dunmark), Elfwood Dell (Alfskog), and Hinmarch Dell (Hinmark). Freemarch Dell (Frimark däld), also part of Southland, and with a population of 1,100 inhabitants (adults), is located south of Serpentsbridge.

Teshland County

Teshland county is located east of Daggerfalls.

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