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About Daggerdale

Daggerdale, 21st of Marpenoth of the Year of the Unstrung Harp -- 21st of October 1371 DR.

Goverment: Lordship.
lord Randal Morn.
Area: c 5,500 square miles1  (5,475).
Inhabitants: 28,041 inhabitants.
Inhabitants/square miles: 5.1 (average population2).
Population: Humans 88% (60% Vaasan, 35% Chondathan), 4% Tethyrian, 1% other), dwarves 5%, half-orcs 3%, gnoms 2%, halflings 1%, other 1%.
Language: Daletongue (Swedish dalatunga) a Chondathan dialect that is related with, for example, Cormyrian. Thorass is used for writing.
Capital: The small town (Swedish köpingen) Dagger Falls (Swedish Dolkvattenfall, Dolkfall), 2,804 inhabitants.
Religion: Lathander, but also Mielikki, Silvanus, and Tempus.
Assets: Furs, meats, ores.
Currency: Does not have an own currency. Instead, Dalelands silver dales (dsd) from Highmoon are primary used. But, in addition to silver dales, the use of Cormyrian silver falcons (csf), Zhentish silver shields (zss), Hillsfarian silver coins (hsc), and Sembian coins is very common. Common folk uses also Dalelands copper pennies (dcp). And Brightblade silver bars worth 250 silver dales from Anathar's Dell are also used.

Daggerdale is an independent region the size of a duke's fief or a nations's province. Daggerdale can be further structured down to counties or districts the size of a count's fief, and further on to dells the size of a baron's fief. Now, Daggerdale is not ruled by dukes, counts, and barons, but for comparation, I have structured the Dale in a similar way. The counties of Daggerdale are:

  • Daggerland county

  • Dhurland county

  • Greatland county

  • Southland county

  • Teshland county

From somewhere out there in the webs (I think that this was written by Ed Greenwood):

Daggerdale's shield: "the ring and dagger" (has changed over the years, being at one time gold ring, gold dagger with an emerald snake-eye and a scarlet forked tongue, all on a lush green field, but nowadays usually ring and dagger both of a single pewter [=dull silver] hue, on a royal blue field; as Merrydale, this region's badge was "the holly ring;" a circle of nine red holly berries on a leaf-green field, the field always being round, and bordered in blue)

1 Almost three Local Areas, see World Builder's Guide by Richard Baker. With the guidelines from the FRCS, see page 298 - 299, Daggerdale consists of eleven "cantoon regions".

2 As defined by World Builder's Guide.

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