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Anathar's Dell

Anathar's Dell 1371 DR.

The following is an own write-up of Anathar's Dell. Volo's Guide to the Dalelands and other source documents have been used, to some degree.

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Around what once was a small community has a hamlet of  374 adults grown up. The centre of the community is still the old, large stone manor where Randal Morn and the Freedom Riders used to assemble. Nowadays, Randal Morn is rarely seen in this parts of Daggerdale. Instead, he has appointed Adlon "the Fardelver" Brightblade to Dell Lord of Freemarch Dell to handle the tasks of governing in Daggerdale south of Dagger River.

Anathar's Dell (hamlet): Conventional; AL LG; 100 gp limit; Assets 1,870 gp; Populaton 374; 7 Vaasans, 45 Chondathans, 300 dwarves, 2 Tethyrians, 2 half-orcs, 4 gnomes, 2 halflings, 1 Bedine, 1 Illuskan, 10 half-elves.
Authority Figures: Dell Lord
Adlon "the Fardelver" Brightblade, male shield dwarf (Randal Morn's appointed ruler).
Important Characters: Lhal "the Swift", female Chondathan human (Harper scout); Orlpar, male Chondathan human (agent of the Cult of the Dragon).
Notes: The Dell is the only known aboveground holding of the Brightblade dwarves, who have rich silver mines far below the surface here.


Anathar's Dell was founded by dwarves of the Brighblade Clan c 1266 DR. With time, elves, humans, and halflings settled in the dell. In the Year of the Tankard (1370 DR), Randal Morn appointed Adlon "the Fardelver" Brightblade to the office of Dell Lord of Freemarch Dell, that is, Daggerdale south of the Dagger River.  

Power Center

Adlon "the Fardelver" Brightblade, as Dell Lord of Freemarch Dell, and chieftan of the Brightblade Clan in a dwarven dominated settlement, he is the unquestioned "leader". He has has 7 full-time (100 hours per tenday) men-at-arms (1 captain, three lieutenants, three private) at his service. In addition, he has established a militia force of 37 members, where each militia member is required to serve 20 hours per tenday. 
Each day consists of three shifts, and during each shift is one squad on duty. A squad consists of three men-at-arm (one lieutenant, one sergeant, one private) and three militia members.

Defending Anathar's Dell

Anathar's Dell is protected by the "fangs" and Adlon's men-at-arms and militia. If the hamlet is under attackm then all able-bodied villagers will defend the community.


Blacklock's Farm

The Blacklocks, a human family, have lived in the dell for a long time. They are descendants 

Snowgold's Farm

The Snowgolds, a half-elven family, have lived in the dell for a long time

Talop's Farm

The Talops, a human family, have lived in the dell for a long time

Winderwood's Farm

The Winterwoods, a half-elven family, have lived in the dell for a long time


Some of the Daggerdalesmen of Freemarch Dell feel that they have been overruled by Lord Randal Morn's appointment of Adlon "the Fardelver" Brightblade as Dell Lord of Freemarch Dell. The Daggerdalesmen of south Daggerdale have always ruled themself, and they think that they have the right to select their own leaders and spokesman.

Some of the villagers of Anathar's Dell feel that Adlon "the Fardelver" Brightblade is too harsh, and that he makes a poor leader. There are too many new laws, too many guards, too many militia members, and so on.

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