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About Urgarham

Some years after that the castle Greatstead (Grimstead) was ready in neighbouring Shadowdale in the Year of the Leaping Lion (834 DR), foreigners came to Freemarch Dell. The Daggerdalesmen did not know who the foreigners, that called themself for "Uthgardt", were.

Urgarham (originally called the Uthgardt Barbarians's Home) was founded by an outcast family of Uthgardt. The family consisted of 10 adults.

The barbarians, who had dramatically changed their way of life/live, lived in "harmony" with the Daggerdalesmen's of the area. They even helped to fight the drows. They did also trade with the dwarves from Stone Gate.

Five hundreds years after their coming, they have left behind, only the name of this community.

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