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Azoun IV

Death Mirtul 11th 1371 DR. Funeral Kythorn 11th 1371 DR.


From the Forgotten Realms novel The Siege:

27 mirtul, the Year of Wild Magic -- 27 May 1372 DR

It was almost dawn, and they were encamped -- hiding, really -- with that remained of the armies of the Heartlands Alliance, a mile outside of what had once been Tilverton. The shadowstuff had consumed the city almost completely, spreading well beyond the walls to engulf even the the outlying stock pens and caravan campsites. All that remained of the city was the wall atop the Knoll District and the jagged ruins of Tilver's Palace, now back lit by the sinking sphere of Vangerdahast's magic orb.

Purple Dragon Ranks

What follows, comes from posts from Candlekeep.

Purple Dragon ranks, from lowest to highest:

  • Blade- Private or Corporal
  • First Sword- Sergeants
  • Swordcaptain- Warrant Officers/ Lieutenants
  • Lionar- Captain
  • Ornrion- Major/Lt. Colonel
  • Constal- Colonel
  • Oversword
  • Battlemaster

Battlemaster and Oversword are somewhat equal, both being roughly equivalent to general officers in our world. Generally speaking, a battlemaster is a field officer, while an oversword is a garrisoned or "base" officer (like the commander of the garrison of Arabel, Oversword Dutharr). You'll never really see a noble below the rank of swordcaptain, and rarely below the rank of lionar. Commoners, for their part, have a hard time making it past lionar, though an ennobled or knighted commoner can rise to any rank the crown or his superiors desire.

Standing above these ranks is the (Lord High) Warden of the Eastern Marches, currently Dauneth Marliir. Any other regional wardens ("Warden of the North," for example) would also be at this level. The Warden of the Port of Marsember, Ayesunder Truesilver (and de facto head of the Imperial Navy), is effectively at this level as well.

Above the Warden is the (Lord) High Marshal of the Kingdom. This post is currently vacant--in truth, it's filled by Alusair--and answers only to the Crown, having full command over the total forces of all Cormyr.

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