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Races of Faerūn

The Dwarves

An important note, about dwarve names! Although a dwarf might present himself by his name, and nothing more, knowing his full name is of great importance for sages. The full name of a dwarf could be compiled as follows (for more details, see Dwarves Deep):

<Name> "<personal descriptive qualifier>" <Clan>, son of <>, blood of <>, of <location> of <kingdom>

The Shield Dwarves

The shield dwarves of Faerūn are primary found in Damara, Impiltur, the North, Silverymoon, Vaasa, the Vast, and the Western Heartlands. The table below shows that most dwarfs are found in the North (447,264 dwarves).

Table -- The Shield Dwarves of Faerūn



Dwarven Population   




Dalelands 6,026
Impiltur 60,264
Moonsea 87,264
  North, Savage Frontier 28,224  
  North, Silver Marches 218,160  
  North, Sword Coast North 66,096  
  North, Waterdeep 134,784  


the Vast 117,806
Western Heartlands 164,160

The Dwarves of Cormyr

Cormyr, with a population of 1,360,800, has less than 1% of dwarves inside its border. The major non-human groups are the half-elves (10%) and the elves (4%). Other non-human groups in Cormyr make c 1% of the population and would consist of dwarves, halflings, and half-orcs among others.

The Dwarves of the Dalelands

According to the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting, there are c 6,000 dwarves in the region of the Dalelands (page 116 -- 141). Of these c 6,000 dwarves, c 330 lives in Battledale, c 1,400 lives in Daggerdale, and c 1,400 lives in Mistledale. This leaves c 2,870 dwarves distributed among Archendale, Cormanthor, Deepingdale, Featherdale, Harrowdale, High Dale, Scardale, Shadowdale, and Tasseldale.

The Dwarves of Daggerdale

There are today c 1,400 dwarves in Daggerdale today. When the first dwarves settled down in the Dale is lost to history, but no to Oghma, the god of Knowledge. Thus, this knowledge should be available for us DMs. But, nobody will give us that information, so, we might need to give us that information ourself.
We know that Tethyamar was founded -145 DR by dwarves from Oghrann. And we know that the ruling clan is the Iron House, and not the Brightblade Clan. Not much. 

For more details, see the Dwarves of Daggerdale page. 

The Dwarves of the Moonsea

According to the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting, there are c 87,000 (87,264) dwarves in the region of the Moonsea (page 159 -- 165). 

The Humans

The Calishites

The table below has been compiled using figures from Races of Faerūn and The Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting.

Table -- Calishites by Region


Region   Population   Humans Calishites (%) Calishites
  Amn 2,963,520 83% 30% 737,916
  Border Kingdoms1 9,485 - 50% -
  Calimshan 5,339,520 94% 52% 2,609,957
  Chult 440,640 60% 1% 2,644
  Dragon Coast 820,800 92% 5% 37,757
  Lake of Stem 1,745,280 90% 55% 863,914
  Lapaliiya1 - - 35% -
  Nelanther Isles 2,822 20% 75% 423
  The Shar 587,520 60% 10% 35,251
  Tethyr 3,771,360 76% 32% 917,195
  Tharsult2 - - 16% -
  Waterdeep 1,347,840 64% 2% 17,252
  Western Heartlands 1,641,600 78% 10% 128,045




1 The Border Kingdoms and Lapaliiya are part of the Lake of Steam.

2 I have no knowledge about Tharsult, more than the entry in Races of Faerūn.

3 For simplicity, the entries from the Border Kingdoms, Lapaliiya, and Tharsult are not part of the total.

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