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Forgotten Realms Lore

Here you can find Forgotten Realms related lore, both official lore, that is, canon, and home made noncanon stuff.


With time, I will attemp to write about the church of Lathander. And, also about the church of Chauntea.


Daggerdale and Shadowdale are the areas that will be most detailed. However, Mistledale has also received a bit of attention.


Some events with details of the history of the Realms, taken from novels, are listed.


Many dwarves live in Daggerdale, however, do you know who they are? It seams that dwarves from the clans Iron House and Hillsafar could be found in the Dale together with dwarves from the Brightblade clan.

For more details, check out the Dwarves of Daggerdale pages. I have also been posting to Candlekeep regarding the dwarves of Daggerdale, check out the Where are those dwarves post, and about the name of dwarves, check out the Dwarven clan/family question.


Se Miscellaneous.

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