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2007-01-21 Kampanjinformation och annat gott

Sidor om kampanjinformation, om Melvaunt, om länderna bortom Mittenrikena har uppdaterats. Även sidor om Aglarond och Trollkarlarnas välde har lagts till. Husregler har också uppdaterats.

2007-01-14 Melvaunt och Kalla länderna

Sidor om Melvauntkampanjen och Melvaunt har uppdaterats. Även sidor om Glister och Thar i de Kalla länderna har uppdaterats.

2007-01-07 Sidor om Melvaunt

Sidor om Melvaunt och kapanjen har uppdaterats.

2007-01-01 Melvauntkampanjen

Hemsidan  har uppdaterats med informartion om Melvauntkampanjen.

2006-11-04 Donliads dagbok

Det har gått ett år sedan jag sist uppdaterade min sida. Det som är i första hand uppdaterat är Donliads dagbok.

2005-11-06 Miscellaneous

I have made some changes here and there. I will publish more pages next week, sunday 13th of November. Unfortunalety, many pages will be written in Swedish.

2005-11-04 New Layout and New Pages

I had changed the layout of my home page to a more printer friendly one. Furthermore, with the new layout, my home page is smaller; from 6 MB to 1 MB.

I have also published some new pages in the Daggerdale area. Check it out.

2005-08-28 Historical/Fictional Adaptations in the Realms

Added a link to the Historical/Fictional Adaptations in the Realms post.

2005-08-21 Miscellaneous

Updated skills in House Rules and the PC member list in The Party page.

2005-08-18 Equipment

Updated equipment section in House Rules.

2005-08-14 Several Updated

Added an entry about the Time of Troubles in the Deities page. Added a History page. Updated House Rules.

2005-08-11 Anathar's Dell

Added Anathar's Dell.

2005-08-08 Western Heartlands and Daggerdale

Have updated Maplewood Thorp a community in the Western Heartlands, Urgarham, a settled country in southern Daggerdale, and NPCs section of Daggerdale.

2005-08-03 Added Link

Link to the Daggerdale Wandsmen.

2005-07-29 Daggerdale Pages

Updated the Daggerdale pages with NPCs from Candlekeep.

2005-05-13 The Dwarves of Daggerdale

I have started to elaborate the dwarf issue, see the Dwarves of Daggerdale page. Take also a look at the Where are those dwarves post.

I have also updated my library.

2005-05-08 My Library and Other Updates

I have added the page My Library where I list some of the books that I have. With time, I will list all books that have something to do with Fantasy Role Playing Games (FRPGs) and books that have a medieval touch.

Volo's Rating System has been updated. It is almost finnish. 

I have also updated several other pages, among them translations to English. I have also added my new e-mail address: webmanus@hotmail.com.

2005-05-06 A Note About Tethyrians in Mistledale

Added a note about Tethyrians and their religion.

2005-05-04 Thorps, Races, etc

I have made several updates here and there. Just click around. Please, any advice regarding the structure of the Home, New, and other pages? Furthermore, good suggestion to district names for Mistledale?

2005-05-02 Maplewood Thorp, Volo's Ratings System, About Ciryc, and Tedious Task

I have started to write a short description of a thorp in the Western Heartlands. The thorp is named Maplewood Thorp and is located north of Scornubel. I thought that a PC of mine could come from the thorp, as well as I could take the opportunity to map a part of the Realms and give a view of how I imagine that Faerûn is settled.

Volo's ratings system does not give guidelines for the modifications of prices. An attempt to give such guidelines have been done.

Fessel the Garrulous, a soldier in the service of lord Mourngrym has something to say about Cyric

And finally, the tedious task of translating the Mistledale pages to English continues. Work beeing done in the Appendix page.

2005-05-01 Coins of the Dalelands and Mistledale

Added a note about the coins of the Dalelands (noncanon), continued the tedious task of translating the Mistledale pages to English, and added a note about Purple Dragons.

2005-04-30 Mistledale Document Added

I did copy and paste my Dimmdal.doc document. The document was written in Swedish and last time I updated it, was the 31st of October 2003. And yes, the document is about Mistledale, that is, Dimmdal.

2005-04-26 Homepage Registered

The homepage has now been registered at www.google.com, or maybe, it was www.google.se. Still, the homepage is in need of more updates.

2005-04-25 Publishing the Homepage

This homepage has been published for the first time. It is not yet registered at a search engine such as www.google.com.  The homepage is far from ready, but, the goal was to verify the possibility of publishing this page at the ISP's webserver.