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The Adventuring Party


Aengarth was killed 11 Uktar 1371 DR by worgs in the woods known as Haele's Ambush, east of Anathar's Dell. His body remains in Anathar's Dell while his soul has departured. It is not known if he will return to Faerūn. 

Aengarth (CG male half-orc/half-Chondathan-human Barbarian 2 / Fighter 1, b. 28 Marpenoth 1348 DR) is a half-orc barbarian from beyond the Heartlands. He comes from Waterdeep's countryside.

Benwick Kadendard

Master Benwick Kadendard (NG male rock gnome Rogue 2 / Illusionist 1, b. 6 Kythorn 1312 DR) is a gnome historian and explorer from beyond the Heartlands. He comes from the magical kingdom of Lantan in the Island Kingdoms. Benwick has been appointed scribe of lord Mourngrym.

Cenair Nethalin

Cenair Nethalin (CG male Illuskan human Rogue 1 / Diviner 1 / Fighter 1, b. 28 Flamerule 1348 DR) is a traveller from beyond the Heartlands. He comes from the beautiful metropolis Silverymoon in the Silver Marches in the North. Cenair is the member of an old Illuskan family of Northlanders.

Sharakh Al-Shimsha

Dawnlord Sharakh Al-Shimsha (NG male Mulan human Cleric of Lathander 4 / Fighter 1, b. 17 Eleasis 1345 DR) is a wandering missionary, knight-templar, and crusader of Lathander from beyond the Heartlands. He comes from the rich and fertile land of Chessenta in the Old Empires.

Thorik Stoneshield

Thorik Stoneshield (LN male shield dwarf Fighter 2 / Ranger 1) is a warrior from the Heartlands. He comes from the dwarven village of Glen in Mistledale in the Dalelands. He has spent some short time in Anathar's Dell serving the chieftan of clan Brightblade together with his fellow, Tellin Longtongs.

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