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Please note that some parts of text are just copy paste from other sources, for example, from Candlekeep. Furthermore, some entries are written in Swedish.

Araudria from Urgarham

Araudria from Urgarham (NG female moon elf druid 2 of Angharradh, b.d. 1086 DR) is the wife of Taelas Glothfall. She was borned and raised as a duid of Angharradh in the woodlands of the Dalelands (in Cormanthor). She stayed in the lands of the elves in Cormanthor, and started to travell beyond the woods when she met Taelas Glothfall in 1216 DR. When she was 143 years old (1229 DR) she and her husband had their only child, Lortheryl. They settled down in Urgarham 1284 DR.
Araudria is a quiet and soft-spoken person who likes to wander alone in the woods and countryside of Daggerdale and Shadowdale. She often helps the villagers from Urgarham.
Araudria is a beatiful elven woman of middle age, who has fair skin, long black hair, and green eyes. Usually, she wears rustic dresses of simple cuts and fashions, that are nevertheless of fine and exquisite marks. However, in time of troubles, she weares a leather armor and carries several weapons.

¤ Araudria from Urgarham: Female moon elf druid 2 of Angharradh; CR 2; Medium-Size Humanoid; HD 2d8; hp 5; Init +0; Spd 30 ft.; AC 12 (leather armor); Atk +0 melee (1d8-1, longsword) or +1 ranged (1d8-1, longbow); SA spells; SQ elf, natural sense, animal companion, woodland stride; AL NG; SV Fort +3, Ref +0, Will +4; Str 9, Dex 10, Con 10, Int 11, Wis 12; Cha 12; Height 5'5" ft. (165 cm), Weight 130 lb (59 kg).
Skills: Animal Emphaty +3, Diplomacy +3, Handle Animal +3, Heal +3, Intuit Direction +3, Knowledge (nature) +4, Knowledge (religion) +4, Profession (farmer) +3, Wilderness Lore +3. Feats: Education (FRCS; nature, religion).
Languages: Elven, Common, Chondathan, Druidic.
Spells Prepared (4/3): 0-level spells: cure minor wounds, detect poison, guidance, read magic; 1st-level spells: calm animals, cure light wounds, invisibility to animals.
Possessions: Leather armor, longbow, quiver with 20 arrows, longsword, dagger, traveller's outfit.

D&D 3.0 statistics block. Common is an automatic language, however, when applying the house rules, remove Common. Acccording to page 23 in the FRCS, Mielikki has more lenient spiritual oaths than most deities that druid worhip in the Realms. And, druids of Mielikki are can use any weapons that rangers normally use without viaolating their spiritual oaths. This will also apply to Araudria of Angharradh from Urgarham.

Belard "Crownthorn"

Belard was the son of Colderan Morn. Belard “Crownthorn” never knew his true heritage. A hardy, energetic, and amiable youth, he was raised as a Harper in Secomber, Everlund, and the lands between, by the Crownthorn ranger family. While serving with the Harpers, Belard met, loved, and wed a fellow Harper, a commoner from Firefall Vale by the name of Danathra Ilkwood. After being sorely wounded in winter skirmishes with trolls, Belard and Danathra retired from active Harper service to Deepingdale, where they became coopers (and were much enriched by trade with Harpers in need of good kegs and barrels) and had a son and a daughter, Flars and Yethtrae. For more details, see Questions for Ed Greenwood (2005).

Belesaria Arfeather 

Belesaria Arfeather was Colderan Morn's wife. She was poisoned by Colderan's drow “allies”. For more details, see Questions for Ed Greenwood (2005).

Colderan Morn

Colderan Morn was the Mage-Lord (magifursten) who ruled Daggerdale over a century ago. He married Belesaria Arfeather, who was poisoned by his drow “allies”. He had a son named Belard, later known as Belard "Crownthorn". For more details, see Questions for Ed Greenwood (2005).

Danathra Ilkwood 

Danathra Ilkwood was a commoner and Harper from Firefall Vale. She wed Belard “Crownthorn”.  For more details, see Questions for Ed Greenwood (2005).

Donliad från Korpens klippa

Donliad föddes i Korpens klippa året 1352 DR. Hans föräldrar är vaasaner och hans far är en hantverkare. Donliad är en nyckfull person. Därtill är han en fredlig man som föredrar förhandlingar och uppoffringar mot beväpnade konflikter. Donliad deltog inte i stridigheterna som rådde i Korpens klippa året 1370 DR. Han känner sig mycket obekväm i att ha blivit "utvald" att hjälpa i sökandet efter härjarna, och han hade hoppas få tillbringa en del av sin tid med att läsa äldre skrifter och lära sig mer om Lathanders lära.
Han är en djupt troende person som tjänar Lathander-templet Morgonljusets hall i Korpens klippa. Donliad vill bli upptagen i Korpens klippas magikergille, och han hoppas få hjälp av Lathander-kyrkan. Hög gryningsherre Torslyn Oramber har skickat Donliad till Skuggdal för att bistå kyrkan där.
Donliad är 19 år gammal. Han är medellång och har en krigares starka kropp, han är något bredaxlad och kraftig byggd. Han har svart medellång hår och lätt skäggväxt. Han går klädd i enkla gröna vandrarkläder, bl.a. har han en rock med hög krage. Han går beväpnad med en dolk och en lätt armborst.

Dorn "the Grim" Brightblade

Dorn "the Grim" Brightblade, blood of Belgin and Miira,  a shield dwarf, was the Brightblade clan chieftan that was slained by Colderan Morn. Prior to his death, he forged Olar (Magekiller), a short sword with magical powers to kill Colderan Morn. For more details, see Doom of Daggerdale (1993).

Durnan "Greatfarmer" from Urgarham

Durnan "Greatfarmer" from Urgarham (NG male Chondathan human Wizard 1 / Commoner 1, b.d. 1347 DR) is one of the c 224 great farmers of Daggerdale. When he was six years old (1353 DR), he left his home to become an apprentice to a retired  Cormyrian war wizard in Tilverton. When he came back (1369 DR), his father and older brother had died and the work with his family's manor house and the farmland had been neglected. He has since then stayed at the family manor house working the land.
Durnan is first of all a farmer, and his patron god is Chauntea. The spells that he learned as an apprendice, has come to no use, although he thinks that they will become useful some day. He does not dream of becoming a great wizard.

Elshar Kurl

Elshar Kurl was a dwarven priest (and probably member of the Brightblade clan) that was slained together with Dorn "the Grim" Brightblade by Colderan Morn. For more details, see Doom of Daggerdale (1993).

Eragyn "the Dark"

Eragyn "the Dark" was a priestess of Cyric that burned down the temple of Lathander in Dagger Falls and resurrected Colderan Morn, the Mage-Lord of Daggerdale. She could previously have been a priestess of Bane. For more details, see Doom of Daggerdale (1993).

Flarar from Urgarham

Flarar from Urgarham (NE male Chondathan human commoner 1, b.d. 1318 DR) is selfish, old farmer who lives alone in a cottage in Urgarham Thorp. He knows some few persons, that he calls "friends", in other communities in southern Daggerdale, but to meet them, requires that he travells. Nowadays, he spends more time listening to gossip than to working his farmland. 
Flarar believes that the woods are dangerous and he considerers gods such as Malar, Mielikke, and Silvanus are evil. He believe that he has a patron deity, Chauntea, but in reality, he is doomed.
He distrusts foreigners, and specially non-Dalesmen. Zhents and folks from the Moonsea are not wellcomed to his "village". He thinks that the lord of Daggerdale, Randal Morn, is not fit to rule the dale, nor any member from house Morn. He supports instead the land lord (markherren) of Southland, Vaegn "Champion" (Vaegn kämpe) from Durnmarch (Durnmark).

¤ Flarar from Urgarham: Male Chondathan human commoner 1; CR 1/2; Medium-Size Humanoid; HD 1d4+1; hp 3; Init -1; Spd 30 ft.; AC 9; Atk -3 melee (1d6-3, halfspear), -3 melee (1d4-3, dagger), or -1 ranged (1d4-3, 10 ft., dagger); SQ strong sould; AL NE; SV Fort +2, Ref -1, Will +0; Str 4, Dex 9, Con 12, Int 9, Wis 5, Cha 11. Height 5'9" ft. (175 cm), Weight 186 lb (84 kg).
Skills and Feats: Craft (carpentry) +1, Handle Animal +2, Profession (farmer) +3; Iron Will, Strong Soul (FRCS).
Class Features: Simple Weapon Proficiency (halfspear).
Languages: Chondathan (Daletounge), Common.
Possessions: Peasant's outfit, halfspear, dagger.

D&D 3.0 statistics block. Common is an automatic language, however, when applying the house rules, remove Common. Core rules used regarding cost for cross-class skill.

Flars Morn

Flars Morn was the son of Belard "Crownthorn" and Danathra Ilkwood. He was "captured" together with his sister Yethtrae by Harpers posing as brigands.  Flars was raised as a minstrel and forester (ranger) by Harpers of the Heartlands, who ranged along the western verges of the High Forest. On a rare visit to Silverymoon, he met Maerindra Elrproast. Flars and Maerindra were smitten by each other on sight, in a true “match made by the gods,” and were wed in a matter of days. With time, Harpers revealed Flars's heritage and offered to assist him in reclaiming Daggerdale. To make a long tale short, Flars accepted and House Morn was restored to their rightful lands.
Flars and Maerindra had two children, Randal (named for Maerindra’s grandsire) and his younger sister Silver (named for Silverymoon), who grew to adolescence before Flars and Maerindra were brutally slain by Zhent hireswords seeking to install puppet lordlings in Daggerdale. For more details, see Questions for Ed Greenwood (2005).

Glaenal from Anathar's Dell 

Glaenal from Anathar's Dell (CG male Chondathan human commoner 1, b.d. 1354 DR) is a man who did visit Stone Gate 1370 DR.
He has have some training with weapons by some of the Dell's dwarves. 

¤ Glaenal from Anathar's Dell: Male Chondathan human commoner 1;  CR 1/2; Medium humanoid; HD 1d4+1; hp 3; Init -1; Spd 30 ft.; AC 9, touch 9, flat-footed 9; Base Atk +0; Grp +1; Atk or Full +1 melee (1d6+1, handaxe), +1 melee (1d4+1, dagger), or -1 ranged (1d8, light crossbow); AL CG; SV Fort +1, Ref -1, Will +0; Str 12, Dex 9, Con 12, Int 14, Wis 10, Cha 11. Height 5'9" ft. (175 cm), Weight 186 lb (84 kg).
Climb +2, Craft (carpentry) +3, Handle Animal +2, Hide +0,  Jump +2, Knowledge (local Dalelands) +3, Knowledge (nature Dalelands) +3, Move Silently +0, Profession (farmer) +4, Survival +1.
Feats: Martial Weapon Proficiency (handaxe), Track.
Class Features: Simple Weapon Proficiency (light crossbow).
Languages: Chondathan (Daletounge), Common, Damaran (Moonsea Tongue), Elven.
Possessions: Light crossbow, wooden case with 10 bolts, handaxe, dagger, peasant's outfit.

D&D 3.5 statistics block. Common is an automatic language, however, when applying the house rules, remove Common. Core rules used regarding cost for cross-class skill. Below, skill calculation:

Skills: Climb +2 ((+1 Str, 1 rank)), Craft (carpentry) +3 ((+2 Int, 2 ranks)), Handle Animal +2 ((+0 Cha, 2 ranks)), Hide +0 ((-1 Dex, 1 rank, 2 skill points)),  Jump +2 ((+1 Str, 1 rank)), Knowledge (local Dalelands) +3 ((+2 Int, 1 rank, 2 skill points)), Knowledge (nature Dalelands) +3 ((+2 Int, 1 rank, 2 skill points)), Move Silently +0 ((-1 Dex, 1 rank, 2 skill points)), Profession (farmer) +4 ((+0 Wis, 4 ranks)), Survival +1 ((+0 Wis, 1 rank, 2 skill points)).

Lortheryl Glothfall

Lortheryl Glothfall (CG male moon elf commoner 4, b.d. 1229 DR) is an adult elf who was borned and raised in the woodlands of the Dalelands (in Cormanthor). He is the son of Taelas Glothfall and Araudria from Urgarham. He has since the age of 55 years (1284 DR) lived in Glothfall's Hold in Urgarham.
Lortheryl has travelled, but not much, and never beyond the Dalelands region (see map in FRCS page 29). He has been in Dagger Falls, which he found stinking and disguisting, and in Shadowdale village, which he liked. He likes to stay at home or travell in southern Daggerdale's countryside.
Lortheryl seems to be c 25 years old, and he has fair skin, black hair, and blue eyes. He usually wears gray clothes.

Maerindra Elrproast

Maerindra Elrproast was the wife of Flars. She was a (young) weaver of Amn brought to the Gem of the North by Ultos Dreahond, a crooked and lecherous Athkatlan weaver who’d hoped to make his fortune there but had fallen into Silvaeren disfavour and swiftly lost nigh-everything. For more details, see Questions for Ed Greenwood (2005).


Malyk was a distant relative from a far branch of the ruling family of Daggerdale, that claimed the throne of Daggerdale around 1336 DR. For more details, see Ruins of Zhentil Keep, Campaign Book, page 18. Lord Malyk of Daggerdale was killed by Randal Morn 1353 DR.

Randal Morn

Randal Morn is the ruler of Daggerdale. He can have been born as early as 1300 DR. This would mean that he is venerable, year 1371 DR, according to PHB rules. In the novel Finder's Bane, he is described as an "older man with with handsome features, long brown hair combed down his back, and a neatly cropped beard". The novel takes place 1368 DR, and that would mean that he was old, according to PHB rules. Thus birth date and age, with regard to rules, novels, and adventures, could be justified.

Silver Morn

Silver Morn is Randal Morn's sister. She is married with a Cormaeril.

Sgaele Beolv från Dalmantuna

Sgaele föddes i en gård i Dalmantuna den 13 kythorn (juni) 1347 DR. Hennes föräldrar är vaasaner med släkt i både Dolkdal och Skuggdal. Sgaele är en djup troende person som tjänar Lathander-kyrkan. Hon är en tuff kvinna som ger intrycket att vara en mycket självsäker person, något hon inte är. Hon brukar ha på sig vapen och rustning i värdshus o.d., men ibland så lämnar hon sin rustning kvar i rummet.
Sgaele är en 24 år gammal kvinna. Vid första anblick verkar hon vara en kortväxt och knubbig ung man, men snart ser man att hon är en något vacker kvinna. Hon har kort, svart hår och det är inte vanligt bland dalmännen. Hennes hy är ljust. Sgaeles kläder är enkla och saknar allt vad heter broderier. De är slitstarka och praktiska och mörkgröna till färgen.

Taelas Glothfall

Taelas Glothfall (NG male moon elf wizard 5, b.d. 1049 DR) is the head of the moon elven family Glothfall. He lives together with his wife Araudria and son Lortheryl in Glothfall's Hold in Urgarham.

Tellin Longtongs

Telling föddes för 80 år sedan, året 1291 DR, i Glen i Dimmdal. Hans far heter Arin. Han har varit bortrest från Glen sedan 56-årsåldern (1315 DR). Han har bl.a. varit i Dolkfall och arbetat på flera byggen. Familjen Långtång tjänar huset Silversköld. Likt många andra dvärgar har han drömt om att utforska Tethyamar. Han verkar vara inåvänd och försjunken i tankar. Han har långt mörkbrunt hår och lång helskägg som når ned till magen. Han är 4 ft. 3 in. lång (130 cm) och verkar vara ca 24 år gammal.

Tren Noemfor

Tren Noemfor was the proclaimed leader (constable) of Dagger Falls, and by extension Daggedale. He was a Dalesman and retired adventurer who served the Zhentarim well. For more details, see Doom of Daggerdale.

Tunfer "the Stout"

Tunfer the Stout (9th-level) is a priest of Tyr and advisor to Randa Morn. For more details, see Rich Baker's The Dalelands supplement and City of the Spider Queen adventure module.

Turnal from Berdusk

Turnal föddes i Berdusk i Västra mittenrikena året 1340 DR. Han var son till en välstäld f.d. krigare som fostrade honom under mycket strikta förhållande. När han var ung sändes han hemifrån för att tjäna lorden av Skuggdal. Han har vistats i Skuggdal sedan 1356 DR och har deltagit i flera fältslag. Turnals skyddsgud är Helm och det är hans tro att han måste tjäna lord Mourngrym och beskydda honom. Han har svårt att visa känslor och verkar vara onormal. Ibland, låter han bli att svara på tilltal, särskillt om det berör personliga frågor. Märkligt nog, lever han för sin herres skull. Turnal är en man i trettioårsåldern av medellängd. Han har svart kortklippt hår och skägg, något liknande Mourngrym. Han brukar klä sig i enbart svarta kläder och har en lång mantel.

Valas Hune


Vambran Matrell

Ftr3/Clr3 (of Waukeen)/Sor1. The Sapphire Crescent.

Yethtrae "Delraven"

Yethtrae "Delraven" was the daughter of Belard "Crownthorn" and Danathra Ilkwood. She was "captured" together with her brother Flars by Harpers posing as brigands. Yethtrae was carried off to Waterdeep, where she was taken in by the Elondar family of scribes and raised as their own. She married the scribe she was apprenticed to, and as "Yethtrae Delraven," she’s still alive today, as a respected, retired, elderly and frail accomplished scribe, bookbinder, and artist, with only faint memories of her childhood. Yethtrae and Deraun Delraven have two daughters, Elessra and Ilimbara, but no sons. (The Harpers regard this branch of the Morn family as a ‘backup’ in case the Morn bloodline descending through Flars becomes extinct). For more details, see Questions for Ed Greenwood (2005).

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