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Home Region

Most probably, your Player Character (PC) comes from the Dalelands, but then from a Dale other than Daggerdale and Shadowdale. But, your PC could also come from adjacent areas such as the dessert land of Anuaroch in the west, the kingdom of Cormyr in the south, one of the city-states of the Moonsea in the north, the rich merchant nation of Sembia in the south, or one of the city-states of the Vast in the east.

Your PC could also come from a neighbouring area such as the Silver Marches (Silvermarkerna), the North or the High Forest (Höga skogen) in the west, the Western Heartlands (Västra mittenrikena) in the southwest, the Dragon Coast in the south, the Vilhon Reach (Vilhonien) in southeast, Impiltur, Damara or Vaasa in the east, or the Ride (Ritten) in the North.

Players can use the following table to find out from which region their PC comes.

Table -- Faerûn Regions

Area d% Region
Campaign area 1 - 50 Dales other than Daggerdale and Shadowdale in the Dalelands

Adjacent area

51 - 75

Anauroch, Cormyr, the Moonsea, Sembia, the Vast

Neighbouring area

76 - 88

Silver Marches, the North, the High Forest, Western Heartlands, Dragon Coast, Vilhon Reach, Impiltur, Damara, Vaasa, the Ride

Remote area

89 - 94

Amn, the Moonshaes, Lake of Steam, Chondalwood, Chessenta, Unther, Aglarond, Thesk, the Great Dale, Narfell,

Very remote area

95 - 97

Nelanther Isles, Tethyr, Thay, Rashemen

Extremly remote area

98 - 99

Lantan, Calimshan, the Shaar, Great Rift, Unther

Very extremly remote area


Chult, Tashalar, Halruaa, Luiren, Mulhorand

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