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Releases..... unfinished list Labels w. Links
Deflagration of Hell Sound Source Kz 1990?
Deflagration of Hell Staalplaat CD
Benevolence Cold Meat Industry CD
Heavy Elektronics Tesco Organisation Kz-box
Heavy Elektronics Tesco Organisation Video
Tolerance Staalplaat CD
Comprendido! Cold Meat Industry CD
Dentist Environment Ant-Zen 7"
Deutsch NeP.A.L Ant-Zen 7"
3X2 Hands Productions 3xLP
3X2 Hands Productions DCD
Erosion Staalplaat CD
The Very Top of Llina Baby Doll NoiseMuseuM LP
City of Stone WKN 10"
Sad Songs Singers WKN Video
Deutsch Nepal/Der Blutharsch WKN 10"
Sad Song Singers WKN MCD
The Bird of Steel 1/2-LP
Only Silence Among the Filthy Old Europa Café Kz
The Silent Earth Old Europa Café Kz
Behind a Wall of Silence Old Europa Café Kz
A Silent Siege Old Europa Café CD
Deflagration of Hell Cold Meat Industry CD be continued