As time went on slowly the equiptment slowly broke, piece by piece and what had been a pretty modern studio in the late 80;s suddenly only included some effects and guitarboxes. The Sound of my recordings changed and became more primitive and harsch. I decided to change name on the project for these recordings and called it Frozen Faces. The first release was in reality the Ant-Zen 7" titled Dentist Environment but under the name Deutsch Nepal.
Today Frozen Faces have become more of a side-project of Deutsch Nepal though the equiptment did recover, it´s sometimes good for your soul with some hard-on elektronik music.

- Broken Sounds of a Dying Culture Entartete Musikk LP 1998
- Religion of Hate/ Entartete Musikk 7"
- They who Became Enemies to their Ancestors Entartete Musikk KZ-box
- In Order to Confuse WKN 10" 2005

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