Bocksholm is an reaction on a my and Peter´s (Raison Détre) childhood in a small town in Sweden. Turning into a mythological creation, a dreamlike odyssé through a damaged spot on earth. Machines working and the construction of nightmares only started.
To read more about the horror go to Raison D´etre.

There is a new Bocksholm-CD out now.
The Haunting Curse of Skogs-Sara.
Bocksholm refine the penetration into the world of U-an Bira(th) and his deciples.

I have some copies if anyone want to buy just contact me. I charge 10Euro+post for 1 copy.

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If someone need a lot of copies please contact Wrotycz Records.

Other releases by Bocksholm:

Excursions by the Bank of the Black River CD Tesco Organisation
The Sound of Black Cloggs
CD Nato/Tesco USA

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