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I'm a translator and operate my own service.
I translate from English, French and Norwegian into Swedish.

Equipment: TRADOS Workbench, e-mail, a printer, a faxmachine, software and many dictionaries.
Translation areas: multimedia, subtitling, documents, current and literary texts, phsycology, tourism, the European Community, manuals, advertising, software etc.


A master's degree at the University of Gothenburg in English, Swedish and
Comparative Literature, Classical Archaeology and Ancient History and creative
Previous work experience
Teacher of Swedish in Gothenburg.
Teacher of Swedish and English at Comet Maritime Education, Gothenburg.
Assistant librarian.
Shop assistant in a jewellary shop
Previous experience as a professional translator
Scientific articles for the cultural magazine glänta
in Gothenburg. Various kinds of texts for translation companies such
as Interverbum, Languageland, Comactiva, Writewright and Gothia
A UNICEF prospect, a financial review for Astra Zeneca,
technical manuals, documentary films, texts for the EC, etc



     Monica Berntsson
   Kustroddareg 40
   414 51 Göteborg
   Tel/fax +46-31-240793