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Hi & Welcome to my collector site. Now renamed to www.pinballflyer.com .
My name is Kristian Goransson. I´ve always been a collector After more then 30 years in the business I´ve saved some flyers and I´m now trading or selling my extras.
I also have some manuals and schematic and can help with copies. I need to charge for my cost.
If you need gameproms I can also help with chips (eproms) and programming.
On the site www.pin-games.com you will find a lot of older stuff for sale like pcbs, manuals, parts and games.
Picture below is from the hometown of most coin amusement machines, Chicago.
Myself I´m from a town called "small Chicago", Malmo in Sweden.
May bea thats why I like Chicago so much.

Today Las Vegas is the biggest gaming & entertaining town and Trelleborg my home town.

Interested in your Swedish roots ? Link to ROOTS in Am/ Eng.

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