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How to make a bulletsensor:

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The following answers this question:

I know its possible to have a trigger_multiple get trigger by a person touching it, but is it possible to have something trigger by bullets touching?

Make a script_mover with these settings:
spawnflags: solid, ressurectible
health 1
scriptname bulletsensor
targetname bulletsensor_targetname

Shooting or nading it will trigger its death in its scriptroutine.

This is the scripting you 'll need:

        // you might want a wait here
        // Your desired action. I set of a target_effect
        // sending a triggersignal to the targetname of the damaged ressurectible script_mover will... ressurect it

       wait 100
       alertentity smoke   
       alertentity bulletsensor_targetname

Here's the same thing from GtkRadiant:



If its not solid it will not detect bullets, just explosions. _Maybe_ you could experiment with different clippings to get a shoot-through sensor (probably not), and it does not work like throwing a nade though a window, in spite of the low health.

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